How to Check Grameenphone (GP) Number in 1 Minute

GP Number Check

Grameenphone (GP) is Bangladesh’s leading telecommunications service provider, serving 83.02 million users. It’s common for users to forget their mobile numbers, especially if they have recently switched to a new SIM card or haven’t memorized their number yet. Grameenphone offers a straightforward method to check your number within a minute. In this article, we’ll walk you through the simple steps to quickly find your Grameenphone number.

GP Number Check Methods:

To check your Grameenphone (GP) number, you can follow these simple steps:

USSD Code Method:

  • Open the dialer on your mobile phone.
  • Dial the following USSD code: *2#
  • Press the call button.
  • Wait for a moment, and you will receive a pop-up notification displaying your Grameenphone mobile number.
  • GP number check code is *2#

Grameenphone Mobile App:

  • If you have the Grameenphone mobile app installed on your phone, open the app, and navigate to the relevant section or settings. The app may display your registered Grameenphone number.

Send a free SMS:

  • Compose a new SMS.
  • Type “Number” and send it to 4949.
  • You will receive a message containing your Grameenphone number.

Check GP Balance, Minute, MB, Number, and SMS

  • Dial *2# to check your own GP number
  • Dial *566# to check your Grameenphone (GP) balance
  • Dial *566*20# to check your GP minute balance
  • Dial *121*1*4# to check the GP MB balance
  • Dial *566*2# to check the GP SMS balance
  • dial *121*1*2# To know the gp minute check
  • dial *121*3041# To Cancel your GP Internet Package

এছাড়াও আপনি জানতে পারেন…

GP Internet, Balance, SMS Check | GP Minute Check


How can I know my GP number?

Dial *2# to check your own GP number.

How can check my number?

Dial *2# to check gp number.

How can I check my GP status?

Dial *7# to check your gp number’s current status.

How do I check my GP 4G SIM?

*121*3232# to check 4G enabled

What is myGP app?

MyGP is a Grammenphone phone app to known GP offer, MB, minute, etc.

Gp number check online

Dial *2# to check your own GP number.

Gp number check by SMS

Type “Number” and send it to 4949. To check your gp number.

sim number check bd

Dial *2# to check gp number.

GP balance check number

Dial *566# to check your GP balance.

How to check GP number registration

Click here to check your gp number registration.


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